2018 U.S. Open Cider Championship Medal Winners and Grand National Champion

In the fifth annual U.S. Open Cider Championship, Cideries, wineries and breweries from Australia to Spain entered over 250 ciders representing 21 different styles. The final round of judging was held at the Big Ditch Brewing Company in Buffalo, New York. The judges were from Niagara College Teaching Winery, Niagara College Teaching Brewery and cideries in the Niagara area. Judging in the U.S. Open Cider Championships is blind, and the judges do not know what ciders they are tasting.

woodchucktruckmedalVermont Cider Company from Middlebury, Vermont was named Grand National Champion for winning three gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze. Their gold medal winners were: Magners Original Irish Cider, Woodchuck 802 Collection: Lil’ Dry and Magners Pear Irish Cider.

Ciderboys Hard Cider from Stevens Point, Wisconsin placed second while Arsenal Cider House from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia took home third. No cidery dominated the judging as 15 different cideries won Gold medals in 21 categories and 39 cideries won Medals.
U.S. Open Cider Graphics and photos

Top 10 Most Creative Cider Names

The judges also named a “Judges Award” for the top ten “Most Creative Names.” Among the favorites:

1. In-CORE-Rigible – Liquid Alchemy Ciderworks
2. Son of a Peach Cider – Niagara College
3. Dear Brittany – Angry Orchard
4. Pearadise IPA Cider- Bold Rock Hard Cider
5. Stone Drone Cider – QT Bees
6. Eden’s Apple Cider – Heritage Estate Winery
7. Hop Rageous Cider – Portland Cider
8. Cardinal Sin -Broski Ciderworks
9.. Rambutan – Ola Brew
10. Unicorn Fuel – Bryant’s Cider
Honorable Mention: I am Brut – Green Bench Mead and Cider(It was not in the Top 10 only because it was 2017 number 1 name)

U.S. Open Cider Championship Medal Winners
Modern Cider – Sweet
Gold – Event Blend – Arsenal Cider House
Silver – Ace Apple Craft Cider – California Cider Company
Bronze – Eden’s Apple – Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery
Bronze – Hard Apple Cider – Rekorderling Hard Cider

Modern Cider – Dry
Gold – Dragon’s Gold – Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery
Silver – U Jays Modern Cider – Jeffrey Carlson
Bronze – Michigan Brut – Virtue Cider

Heritage Cider – Sweet
Gold – No Medal
Silver – Maeloc Sparkling Organic Cider – Maeloc Cider
Bronze – Albany Post – Angry Orchard

Heritage Cider – Dry
Gold – Magners Original Irish Cider – Vermont Cider Company
Silver – Heirloom Cider – Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery
Bronze – Maeloc Dry Cider – Maeloc Cider

Traditional Cider – Sweet(French)
Gold – 2017 Cider Bouch – 2 Towns Ciderhouse
Silver – Ferme de Romilly Doux (Sweet) Cidre de Normandie – Ferme de Romilly
Bronze – Crisp Apple – Angry Orchard Cider

Traditional Cider – Dry(English)
Gold – Dry Apple – The Good Cider of San Sebastian
Gold – Woodchuck 802 Collection: Lil’ Dry – Vermont Cider Company
Silver – Angry Orchard Foranna – Angry Orchard Cider Co.
Bronze – Harvest Scrumpy Russet Cider – Niagara College Teaching Cidery

Gold – Magners Pear Irish Cider – Vermont Cider Company
Silver – Angry Orchard Perry – Angry Orchard Cider Co.
Bronze – Pear – The Good Cider of San Sebastian

Fruit Cider
Gold – Dragon Fruit – AVID Cider Company
Silver – Peach County – Ciderboys Hard Cider
Bronze – Blood Orange Tangerine – Common Cider Company

Pineapple Cider
Gold – Pacific Pineapple – 2 Towns Ciderhouse
Silver – Caribe Tropical Hard Cider Pineapple – Florida Beer Company
Bronze – Pineapple Hula – Ciderboys Hard Cider

Cherry Cider
Gold – Cherry on Top – Niagara College Teaching Cider
Silver – Michigan Cherry – Virtue Cider
Bronze – Wild on Cherry – Urban Tree Hard Cider

Fruit and Berry Cider
Gold – Rasé – Ragged Hill Cider Company
Gold – Strawberry Magic – Ciderboys Hard Cider
Silver – Marionberry Cider – Incline Cider Company
Silver – Cranberry Hard Cider – One Tree Hard Cider
Bronze – Troppi Poppi – d’s Wicked Cider

Gold – Applewine – Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery
Silver – The Perfect 10 – Portland Cider Company
Bronze – First-State-Cider – Liquid Alchemy Ciderworks

Herbal Cider
Gold – Suzie’s Honeysuckle Cider – Ding Dog Brewing
Silver – Lemongrass Ginger Cider – Rhinegeist Cidergeist
Silver – Cucumber Mint – Vermont Cider Company
Bronze – Rose Hip Rosemary – Hidden Cave Cider

Hopped Cider
Gold – Hopshot – Meriwether Cider Company
Silver – Hop Rageous – Portland Cider Company
Bronze – Fresh Hop Hop & Stalk – 2 Towns Ciderhouse
Bronze – The Explorer Hopped – Incline Cider Company

Apple Pie Spiced Cider
Gold – Mad Bark – Ciderboys Hard Cider
Silver – Grant’s Flying Pumpkin – Arsenal Cider House
Silver – Apple Pie a la Mode Hard Cider – Turquoise Barn Cider
Bronze – Cardinal Sin – Broski Ciderworks

Spiced Cider
Gold – Hibiscus Ginger – Glacial Till Vineyard & Winery
Silver – Grierson’s Ginger – Arsenal Cider House
Bronze – Cider Donut – 1911 Established

Wood-Aged Cider and Perry
Gold – Barrel 78 – Bold Rock Hard Cider
Silver – The Mitten – Virtue Cider
Bronze – I Am Brut – Green Bench Mead and Cider

Specialty Cider and Perry
Gold – Perry Good – Urban Tree Hard Cider
Silver – Hip Hop – Big B’s Hard Cider
Bronze – ACE Perry Craft Cider – California Cider Company

Unlimited Cider and Perry
Gold – Cidre Beaupré Original – Cidrerie Beaupré
Silver – First Press – Ciderboys Hard Cider
Bronze – Organic Perry – Samuel Smith’s Brewery

Anything Goes
Gold – Post Melone – Broski Ciderworks
Silver – Roast – Bold Rock Hard Cider
Bronze – Blueberry-Apple Sangria – Heritage Estate Winery & Cidery

Single Varietal Cider
Gold – Broken Hearts Are for Apples – Arsenal Cider House
Silver – Golden Russet – Stoic Cider
Bronze – Woodchuck Granny Smith – Vermont Cider Company