Board of Directors

Dow Scoggins
Member of Board – Chairman
President of Georgia 1st Microbrewery, Friends Brewing (1988-1998)
Master Brewer
International Beer Judge
Editor of – Beer and Brewery New service (2006-pres)

Jon Downing
Member of Board – Judging
Professor of Brewing Operations – Niagara College
Georgia’s and Ontario’s first Craft Brewery Brewmaster
International Beer Judge
Installed over 100 breweries of all sizes from 3bbl to a pilot brewery for Guinness.
Won numerous medals at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Championships
Member of the MBAA, MBAC, ASBC and Association of Brewers.

Rick Roberts
Member of Board – Marketing
Over 10 years of experience marketing and developing craft beers.

1990 - Friends Brewing Company's Board of Directors and Heidi

1990 – Friends Brewing Company’s Board of Directors and Heidi